Sports Trails 2015

Sports Trails 2015
Sun, 30 Aug 2015
Sun, 06 Sep 2015, 00:00 AM

The Association "PERPATO" from 2 to 9 July took part in the summer program "Sports paths 2015" organized by the MKE "regeneration and progress" with the initiative and exclusive donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation under the scientific & medical supervision of the first university Orthopedic Clinic and the Polyclinic of the Olympic Village.
The program "Sports trails" included actions for equal access, without economic, social, religious, etc. barriers, all in sport.

Objectives of the program are:

The penetration of sports into the everyday life of Greeks
Strengthening sports culture in Greece
The systematic inclusion of Physical Education and sports activities in the educational process
Developing skills through sports activities

After relevant studies it was realized that a large percentage of children on islands of the barren line are unable to access sports activities, either due to lack of logistical equipment or due to limited education and specially trained staff. At the same time, in these border areas there was a progressive decrease in physical activity levels, disproportionate to the interest expressed by these children in sports.

Such a strategic sports planning for children and adolescents was intended to create a team atmosphere, where adults would promote the cultivation of children's skills in various sports, while at the same time improving their emotional and social maturation.

Therefore, in the context of combating this phenomenon, it was considered imperative to create a program of sports education and employment in order to strengthen sports education and at the same time to bring a cultural heritage to the border islands. Thus, the "sports paths 2015", a program of scientific and pedagogical character, was designed under the supervision and implementation of the first university Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School of the University of Athens and in collaboration with higher educational institutions, Sports Federations of our country as well as with renowned Greek coaches.

The program was implemented under the auspices of the municipalities of these islands and is an exclusive initiative and donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation with the scientific supervision of the first university Orthopedic Clinic and Polyclinic of the Olympic Village.

The Association "PERPATO" visited three islands of the barren line, Nisyros, Tilos and Patmos. The stations created in each school included wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, boccia, fencing, table tennis, goalball, as well as a station where Paralympians Alexandros Taxildaris and Makis Kalaras talked to the children about the Paralympic Movement, action containing audiovisual material and questions and answers. Specifically, in Nisyros there were 30 children, in Tilos 35 children and in Patmos 120 children.
In each school the children were divided into groups of five or more people-depending on the total number of children-and passed through each station in turn. On each island there were trained trainers of the program, who offered us their valuable help in the stations we created.

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