KEADA- Center for Training on Autonomy of Disabled People

KEADA is a center that trains people with impairments and anyone who assists them (if they need assistance) to live as independently as possible.

It began its action thanks to the valuable contribution of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and it has been officially operating since 2012.

KEADA is housed in the facilities of “Perpato” Association in Komotini; more specifically, the premises consists of two floors with three rooms on each floor which have the capacity of hosting 3-4 people each. Although every room is accessible to everyone with a mobility impairment, their aesthetics remain simple since Perpato doesn’t aim to become a place where someone will want to stay for a long time and “settle in".

Its purpose is to provide the perspective of an independent life for every person with a mobility impairment. Living independently means that the desires of the person are based on their capabilities on a daily basis without the initiative of other people.

KEADA aims to function as a point which provides skills and knowledge referring to autonomy & IL for every disabled person (or not) interested, but also as a stepping stone after the rehabilitation center on issues such as impairment and personal desires one may have as a personality. In this way, it provides the opportunity for disabled people to choose and control their way of living on a daily basis so they will be able to avoid institutionalisation either at home or in an institutional placement in the future.

There is a variety of benefits that can be received by a trainee in accordance with their impairment and wishes.

Including the contact with an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Gymnast, Social Worker, Psychologist, Nurse, Doctor (Physiatrist, Orthopedist, Neurologist, Urologist, etc.), other Disabled Persons of different, similar or the same impairments, Personal Assistants and also persons having recruited Personal Assistants.

Meanwhile, one is able to get a taste of social or sports activities. For example, hydrotherapy sessions in the sea or the pool, canoe-kayaking on the river, sea and lake, para-alpine skiing on the snow, the majority of Paralympic sports, activities about dance, theater, cinema, music and art, the use of handbike and of course the freedom to tour around Komotini, that is considered as one of the most wheelchair-accessible cities in Greece, especially after its EU Access City Award 2020 distinction.