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On this page, you are going to read what Perpato is, what it does and why it is doing it.

If you are interested by all these, you are more than welcome to be part of it! We would be happy to help each other, in many ways! We can provide advices, networking, services and much more, and you could be a member, a volunteer or a donator. Enough with the talk, now you can get to know us! 

Our Journey

Association for People with Mobility Problems and Friends “Perpato” was founded in 2002 by a group of friends. The primary purpose of this organization is to claim and improve the rights for disabled people in Komotini at first, then in Thrace and the rest of Greece. Let’s be optimistic maybe the whole planet too.


In its begin years Perpato cooperated with ‘Enorasi’ The association for blind people of Thrace because we truly believe that disabled people’s rights are not different no matter the nature of their injury. Along with local government officials we managed to make Komotini a role model for accessibility. School and university units, streets, squares, beaches even nightclubs are all equipped properly for total accessibility for everyone. The town is so friendly for a wheelchair user that a lot of people from all over Greece decide to move here. Even though there is a lot left to get done we are proud to recognize our steps towards the right direction.


Today the association consist of 300 members and 150 volunteers. At the same time, we are running an exemplar type of daycare-centre which supports 21 people on a daily basis but not for a very long time. 

We employ 16 people through european, solidarity foundation and state funds.

                 Before that, Perpato family achieved:

to create successful sports club «IRODIKOS» for decorated athletes who compete in the Paralympics, hold word records and the first ever wheelchair basketball team in our region, Thrace. 

- to establish an -one of a kind- Centre of Training on Autonomy for Disabled People “KEADA” in 2012 and first-funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation and later by state-based programmes, in a building provided by Komotini Municipality. More on KEADA here.

To sum up, we would like to inform you that Perpato is an independent association with one fundamental characteristic. Solidarity towards people with or without disability, with the understanding that disability is the obstacles that are enforced upon us and that everyone should have access to equal opportunity.

photo of a young man with a t shirt with the perpato logo on it photo of a young man who is a wheelchair user and he is on a van the photo was taken in 2005 photo of a man who is a wheelchair user and speaks using a mic. the photo is old (approximately 2002) photo of two men, one is a wheelchair user and the other one is standing, they are in greek president‘s house

Since the first day of its foundation, Perpato is fighting for equal participation for those who desire to be active and present members in their community. This purpose entails the assertion of human and civil rights for people with or without an impairment and the elimination of architectural obstacles and social discriminations.

Every day we try to share the same message. Our idea for a society where no one is left out because of their impairment and characteristics.

We feel obligated and responsible, to facilitate the unobstructed creation of opportunities for everyone to be able to choose their lifestyle independently from any characteristic that makes them different. We will always be present to help you chase the “bad wolf” away; wherever you meet him.



photo of a man who is a wheelchair user and he is on a bus which is accessible photo of a man who is disabled and he is riding a horse while supported by many people’s hands.
Our Board

Our board is consisted of its seven elected members:

1. Alexander Helmut Taxildaris

2. Spyros Ntantanidis

3. Nihat Choussein
Gen. Secretary

4. Athanassios Mimikos
Head of Finances

5. Greg Chryssikos
Head of Media

6. Georgios Kiletsis

7. Dimitrios Karypidis

Honorary member of the board of directors: Kostas Zografopoulos


Below you can see the organogram of our association

Our facilities
building image building image building image building image building image