Wheelchair Basketball Training ΙncDisBas-Inclusion of disabled people through basketball Erasmus+ Sports 🏀

Image description:the photo shows a group of people all sitting in basketball wheelchairs and all looking long at the camera.
Sun, 01 Oct 2023, 12:00 PM

With great success, the training in wheelchair basketball event of the Incdisbas program was completed, which took place from 25 to 30 September in Komotini and specifically in the premises of the Association "PERPATO" in cooperation with The Athletic Association of disabled athletes "Irodikos". The training lasted 5 days and throughout the course the participants got to know the sport of basketball both theoretically and practically.

More specifically, on the first day the participants met each other through an ice breaking game, they were welcomed by the president of the Association "PERPATO"  Alexandros-Helmut Taxildaris and a small tour of the city took place. On the second day in the morning, basic theories about the rules, terminologies were developed, training was carried out on the use of a wheelchair and in the afternoon under the guidance of the coach of the wheelchair basketball Irodikos Vaios Gioras passed from theory to practice and started to make basic tactics for basketball. Throughout the third day, the participants were at the stadium to perform their training and the final tournament for the selection of the winning team and on the fourth day there was a free day for the rest of the participants and in the evening the culture night in which each country presented food, customs and culture from its place.

The experience was unique!