"Paralympic day at school" - Roditis

Thu, 14 Apr 2016

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, the Association "PERPATO", in collaboration with the Primary School of Roditis, organized the action of the "Paralympic day at school". The action took place in an enclosed area of the school as well as in the courtyard. Participants in the action were the students of the six grades of Primary School.

The action included 7 Paralympic sports demonstration stations and an information station, in which the international wheelchair rugby athlete and member of the Association "PERPATO", Mr. Fanis Papadimitriou, spoke to the students about this sport and answered questions from the students about mobility impairments.

The stations were:

wheelchair basketball
Paralympic Movement,
sitting volleyball,
wheelchair badminton,
athletics for the visually impaired and
use of a wheelchair.

Over 90 children from all grades of Primary School passed through all stations in groups. Students through play and fun learned important information about the Paralympic Movement and Paralympic sports. The aim of this action was to inform and sensitize students through experiential exercise.