Educational program at Kerkini Lake

Educational program at Kerkini Lake
Fri, 11 Nov 2016
Sun, 13 Nov 2016, 00:00 AM

From 11 to 13 November 2016, a three-day educational program was held by the Association "PERPATO" in the area of Lake Kerkini. A total of 16 people participated in the action, of which 7 people with motobility impairments.

The three-day program began with the first stop of the Therapeutic Riding Center of Serres. At KETHIS they were welcomed by the head of the center, Mrs. Maria Liga, and her colleagues who made sure that all participants knew the benefits of Therapeutic Riding for disabled people both in theoretical and experiential terms.

Next stop is the guesthouse "Ecoperiigitis" in Kerkini where the participants stayed. With the support of Mr. Ioannis Reklou and his associates, the program continued with Canoe-Kayak in Lake Kerkini, as well as bird watching in the wetland, routes from the "Ecoperiigitis" to Lake Kerkini where disabled people with the use of handbikes and accompanying volunteers with bicycles participated as well as a pleasant surprise to the participants with a night of tsipouro preparation in a traditional distillery in the area.

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