Street Relays Komotini 2014

Group photo
Tue, 20 May 2014

The 1st relay race “Komotini Street Relays 2014 "was completed, which is part of the series” Vikos Relays 2014" and was organized by The Athletic Association for people with disabilities Irodikos, in cooperation with the municipality of Komotini, the Democritus University, the Komotini TEFAA and the support of "Hermes".
The event was significantly supported by the townspeople.
The 12 km road race started from Tefaa Komotini and ended in the Central Square. As runners, champions, athletes, people of all ages, of all genders and of course for the first time so many disabled people competed.
Demosthenes Michalentzakis, one of the greatest talents in Greek sports in the categories of disabled people, was there, as was the Cypriot champion Marios Apostolidis. Also present was our Olympic champion Pigi Devetzi, who honored the event with her presence,the champion in the 400m., EFI Gavalas, as well as the Vice-Rector of the Democritus University, George Costas, who ran with the Paralympian and President of the Association "PERPATO", Alexandros Taxildaris. Michalis Ragousis, president of the association "IRODIKOS" and Paralympian at the Winter Olympic Games Makis Kalaras also participated.
The young athletes participated in the event, in the “Kids Relays”!
A special note in the event was given by the children of the handbike team, from the Center for autonomous living education of the Association "PERPATO", who proved that sports and the running movement erase the "I can't "and the" I don't want" and neutralize any"discrimination".
A huge role in the success of the first "Komotini Street Relays 2014" was played by volunteers, more than 100 students of Komotini TEFAA, members of the Association "PERPATO", members of the rescue team, facilitating the whole process and offering help where it was needed, as well as an important contribution of the Army.

The first big step was taken in a region that teems with Sport, produces athletes and champions, but has never had the opportunity to host a similar sporting event. It is the first big race in the running movement that took place in the wider region of Thrace and gathered people not only from Komotini, but also from Alexandroupolis, Xanthi, Orestiada... and it was only the beginning!
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