Paralympic day - 11th Primary School of Komotini

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Tue, 28 Mar 2017

On Tuesday, March 28, the Association 'PERPATO' at the invitation of the 11th Primary School of Komotini, organized "Paralympic day at school" with 5 Paralympic sports demonstration stations. The activities took place at the Komotini Indoor Stadium, where six athletes with motor impairment actively helped carry out the action and held the demonstration of the Boccia and para-badminton sports

The Paralympic sports stations were:
· Boccia
* Volleyball sitting athletes
· Para-badminton
· Goalball
. experiential game
* Athletics for the visually impaired (road events)

The 40 elementary students passed through all the stations. Most of them first came into contact with Paralympic sports. The purpose of this action was to entertain, inform and raise awareness among students and to form a positive attitude towards disability.