Alexandros Taxildaris in a discussion of the Ministry of labor for equal opportunities

Image description: photo of Alexandros Talxidaris (quadriplegic man) speaking at the conference in front of a blue background.In the lower left corner in a square box appears an interpreter of sign language.At the top right is the Digital logo of ERT.
Wed, 27 Jul 2022, 18:00 PM

In the context of the conference "Equal opportunities at work", organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Public Employment Service (former OAED), the Paralympian and physiatrist Alexandros Helmut Taxildaris participated, among others. During the discussion, he referred to the gaps that exist in the field of rehabilitation, mainly in terms of specialization and infrastructure, while he also addressed the issues of accessibility. Mr. Taxildaris noted that the institution of Personal Assistant is a "breakthrough for our country" and stressed that the state must still take many steps, mainly in the field of rehabilitation. Finally, the president of The PERPATO Association highlighted the inequality that governs marginalized communities as well as the state's responsibility for truly equal opportunities.