1st Training Camp from PERPATO Association

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Thu, 30 May 2013
Sun, 02 Jun 2013, 00:00 AM

From 30/05/2013 until 2/6/2013 the 1st "Disabled people in camp environments: Development and application of integration programs" took place in the children's Pitsas camp at Thassos. The camp ws organized by PERPATO , the Greek Paralympic Comittee, TEFAA Komotinis, TEAFFA Serres and sports club IRODIKOS.
Speakers - Trainers where:
-    Xristina Euaggelinou President of TEFAA Serres 
 Alexander Taxildaris, President of PERPATO, Paralympian,Physiatrist
-   Sakis Kostaris, Communications Manager for the Paralympic comittee
-    Makis Kalaras, Paralympian
-    Manos Mpogdos, Paralympian
-    Κaterina Loretzou ,member of the national goalball team
-    Panagiotis Kontogiannhs, member of the national wheelchair basket team 
-    Stamatis Epameinondas, member of the national wheelchair basket team
-    Gerasimos Metaxas Mariatos, parent of a disabled person, member of sports club IFAISTOS 
-    Panagiotis Papadopoulos, INIOXOS Company owner. 
-    Euaggelia Makri, Perpato Gymnast
 -    Despoina Delligiani,Nurse at KEADA
-    Petros Euaggelinos, Gymnast at KEADA, Head of camp 
The workshops where:
•    Paralympic movement, high-level athletes
•    Disability and camping: the importance of integration
•    Integration games
•    Training and nutrition programs
•    Paralympic sports
•    Practices for independent wheelchair use
•    Practices for independent amputees
•   Exercise in the water

In total 33 university students from the department of Physical Education from Komotini and Serres participated, excluding the supporting staff and organizing team.

The main goal of this innitiative was to integrate disabled people in camps during summer, which can be achieved by appropriate training of staff. The importance here though stands on integration and not segregation.

We would like to thank everyone for participating!!!

You were all amazing..