The Association of People with Disabilities and friends of Rodopi Prefecture, “Perpato” was founded on September 2002 from a group of friends of  People with Disabilities (PWD), their families and other friends.


Today “Perpato” includes around 300 members with disabilities and 150 active volunteers.


Since 2005 it has been training students of the Department of Social Administration (Faculty of Social Work-Democritus University of Thrace)


In 2003 “Perpato” Association was incorporated into the National Registry of Private non-profit Operators Sector that provide social care services. It is also incorporated in the Special Registry of the Volunteer Non-Profit Organizations of the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Services (as it was called at that time). In addition, the Greek National Centre of Social Solidarity in 2011 accredited Perpato for being an official provider of social care services in the private non-profit sector of the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.


Moreover, on August 2011 Perpato was accredited with management competence type B’ and C’, according to the ELOT 1420 model for the following applied field: planning and implementation of co-financed projects (public supply and service contracts), implementation of specific activities that use the same means as above.