The objective of the association is to bring together all People with Disabilities (PWD) in the prefecture of Rodopi, also to inform and organize them.  The Association through concerted actions tries to:
·      Give a solution to their everyday difficulties
·      Create a better living for them
·      Socially include People with Disabilities

The purpose of the association is not only the town of Komotini but on the long run  the whole prefecture to be converted to a modern and an accessible place. Today we can be proud because:

·      In its greatest part Komotini has become an accessible town
·      A public restroom with all the appropriate facilities is now available at the central square of the town
·      Many public services buildings (e.g. the Town Hall) as well as many businesses and hotels are now fully accessible. Many other buildings are going to be fully accessible soon.
·      The public transportation service (i.e. Mini Bus) in Komotini satisfies the requirements of PWD
·      Many schools around the town are now accessible and have a special lift so that students with disabilities won’t have any problems attending classes.
·      During the summer time and since 2007, local beaches (such as Fanari beach) have been accessible to PWD
·      The building of Komotini’s Central Bus Station is now PWD friendly and equipped with accessible buses