Be a volunteer!

   Some of the basic advantages of being a volunteer are:

-       You develop new skills

-       You learn how to work within a team

-       You learn how to set goals and reach the target

-       You meet people coming from different social and cultural backgrounds that have the same interests as you

-       You observe how can somebody organize small or big teams in order to reach their goals

-       You work in an environment free of political and financial interests

-       You expand your knowledge

-       You practice on subjects related to your studies or your hobbies

-       You empathize with your fellow citizens

-       You become familiar with places you weren’t aware of  their existance


   We believe that you are relevant to all the above values, thus we invite you to become an active member, to share the deep human need for social offering and support, to share your experience and knowledge, to make the most out of your free time by being creative.

   You can add your personal details in the special volunteer’s form provided on this page as an attachment and send it to! We will get in contact with you!