“I can happily walk in the woods when the Big Bad Wolf isn’t there.” Does this remind you of a classic tale? Well, the Big Bad Wolf does not only exist in tales but in reality too. Who is Our Big Bad Wolf? Allow us to share it with you!


   I can walk in the streets when there are no obstacles.

   I can walk around the public services’ buildings only when they are provided with ramps.

   I can walk around banks, coffee shops, theatres, athletic fields, schools, use taxis and the public transportation when and if they all become accessible to me.

   I can walk when you don’t look down on me while I’m walking next to you.

   I can walk when I am also able to park when you don’t park your car in the designated PWD’s parking spaces.

   Therefore I cannot walk, not because “I am not able to”, but only because I am not allowed to!!!

   This is the story of how we got inspired and the Association “Perpato” (=“Walk”) got its name. “Perpato” was founded by a group of families and friends of People with Disabilities in September 2002. Since then we have been dealing with the Big Bad Wolves of our reality by joining forces that result never the less in a great success.